Leloca Team

Douglas Krone
Douglas is CEO of Leloca. He previously founded Dynamism Inc., a leading online retailer of mobile devices. He has advised numerous tech start-ups and often speaks on mobile technology, the consumerization of enterprise technology, and related topics. He loves dogs, travel, sushi, and tacos. He studied economics at Northwestern University.

Jason Garbers
Jason is VP of Business Development. He helped create Gizmine.com, a leading online retailer of mobile devices. He spends time with his three sons when not practicing guitar or Rock Band. He studied marketing at University of Wisconsin.

Clayton Morton
Clayton is VP of User Experience. He has worked in numerous technical and consulting roles. He has worked as a systems architecture consultant for Buchanan. He enjoys homebrewing and plans to someday win a Michelin star. He holds a bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University.