Leloca for merchants is
powerful and simple.

You offer Deals to draw
new customers when you
have unused capacity.
Leloca connects your restaurant, spa, theater, or shop, to nearby smartphone users. It's a simple, powerful yield-management tool. Any empty seat in your business is lost opportunity for revenue, and lost opportunity to discover new customers. Leloca lets you instantly fill that seat with a profitable customer.

Leloca is totally unlike Groupon or LivingSocial. Leloca only requires a few minutes to get started, and then gives you a low-cost, completely controllable way to increase profit from day one.

Leloca stays entirely out of the transaction with your customer. We don't have your customer's payment information.
Leloca does something remarkable for your business: it delivers sophisticated smartphone-using customers on-demand, just when you want, and as many as you want.

Instantly configure any offer and turn it on when you have empty tables, instantly turn it off when you don't.

We charge a metered fee (~$1/customer), so you only pay for the amount of customer traffic that we bring. And during the free trial, we charge nothing!

There's no obligation. There's never a charge for listing your offer. It's so easy that it's a no-brainer.

You can choose where, in your city, to target your offer. Focus on customers who work nearby, but don't walk down your street. Or, offer a deal exclusively to people in the next town or neighborhood. Give them incentive to travel the extra ten minutes to try your restaurant.

Sign up now and you can use Leloca completely free of charge for three months! Sign-up just takes five minutes. From any PC or smartphone, you have total control over your offers, from setup to turning them on/off instantly. We even have a free Merchant iPhone app. After three months, Leloca costs just $1.99 per deal code issued. There's never a charge for listing your offers. There are no hidden fees. It's fast, simple, and profitable!