What is Leloca's mission?

To make your city work better. Help you save money while discovering new places. Help local businesses increase profits and reduce waste (electricity, food, empty tables, etc.)

How is it possible that merchants and consumers both win?

A restaurant near you has an empty table right now. That's not good; the restaurant is paying rent, utilities, staffing--and today's fresh food is at its best right now. But that table is empty, and so is your stomach. The restaurant gives you a great deal and still makes a profit. You take the great discount and pop over for dinner.

You've saved money and the restaurant has increased profit. Everyone wins.

Who should use Leloca?

Everyone! Anytime you're seeking food, fun, events, or shopping, check Leloca for great deals. You won't have to wait: deals on Leloca are for immediate redemption. (Not next week or tomorrow morning.)

Find a great new spot, save money, and tell your friends!

Is the app free to use?

Leloca is, and will always be, free for individual users.

Why would I want to use Leloca instead of another discount-finding app?

Leloca is instant and community-minded. With Leloca, you:

[1] Get a great discount for something you are doing right now.

[2] Know that you won't be waiting when you arrive.

[3] Discover somewhere new (and often, great).

[4] Support your local businesses and reduce wasted food.

[5] Never have to enter your credit card number. Just download the deal and head to the fun.

How soon does a deal expire?

You have 45 minutes to present the deal code after downloading it. There is no charge for downloading the deal code.

Can the Leloca send push notifications of things I'm interested in?
Yes. It can even send you push notifications of "only the best" deals.

Can I use Leloca from a PC?
No. Leloca lets merchants offer deals to users in specific areas. For this, the service needs a location-aware smartphone.

Can I combine a Leloca deal code with another offer?
Sorry, deal codes may not be combined with other offers.

Should my business use Leloca?

Leloca connects your local restaurant or shop to customers who are nearby. Rather than only drawing customers who are walking down your specific street, you can reach customers from every nearby street. Almost every local restaurant or shop will increase profit by using Leloca.

Leloca features simple, powerful yield-management tools. You pay nothing to list a deal. You have instant control over when a deal is "on" or "off". You can change deals in real time, to experiment with what's effective, or to adjust to current conditions. There's a no-obligation free trial, so can see how effective it is--no credit card or payment information is required. After the free trial, Leloca costs about $1 for each customer it brings into your location. Sign up now.

What's yield-management?

It's a fancy way of saying that you should get the most possible revenue from your fixed costs. Your rent, electricity, staff salaries, and food costs are set. Even when a table is sitting empty (earning no revenue), you still have to pay rent and associated costs for that table. The smart move is to fill that table with customers who are paying more than your food cost. So, if you offer a 30% off deal on Leloca and four new customers appear to take that deal at a time when the table was otherwise empty, you will have significantly increased profit. Now, do that every day with a few tables, and Leloca will have a significantly positive impact on your profitability.

Of course, there are other advantages as well. To name just a few: [1] Leloca will help new customers discover your business, [2] there's no charge for listing your deal so exposure is free, [3] customer traffic is metered on-demand so you only pay for the customer traffic Leloca provides, and [4] you can always instantly turn deals on/off or adjust their parameters.

Leloca is fast, easy, inexpensive, flexible, and increases your profits from day one.

How long does it take to sign up and start using Leloca?

It's incredibly fast. Sign-up takes five minutes. We will verify your business within two business days. And then, you can run deals as often as you like.

Do I need a smartphone to launch a deal?

No. Your Leloca deal can be completely controlled from any PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone, using a web browser. If you have an iPhone, you can download "Leloca for Business", our merchant-specific app for controlling your deals, from iTunes here.

Do I control when my deal appears?

Yes, you can turn your deal on/off instantly, by web or smartphone. If your dining room is full, turn off the deal to prevent crowding out customers who are paying full price.

Do I control where my deal appears?

Yes. For instance, an Italian restaurant that's already well-known in their neighborhood may only be interested in drawing first-time customers. They can easily geographically target only consumers from nearby neighborhoods. They may choose for their deal not to appear within some distance of their storefront: one mile, for example.

Can I limit the number of deal codes that are issued?

Yes. Your deal can be set to stop automatically when your limit is reached.

Do I have to turn the deal on/off manually?

No. A preset time can be set for the deal to turn on and off automatically.

I have several locations. How is this handled?

Leloca can easily handle multiple locations. Your deal can be shown for one, some, or all of them.

Is there a free trial?
Yes. Merchants who sign up now will pay nothing for the first three months. Leloca demonstrates, though this free trial--and detailed merchant statistical reporting--how dramatically revenue and profit can be increased using our yield-management tools.

Can merchants outside the US and Canada use Leloca?
Not yet, but soon. Please email global.merchants@leloca.com.

How long do users have to redeem a deal code?
In a perfect world, people would appear immediately. But, until we have teleportation, consumers have 45 minutes to appear at your location.

Is Leloca only for restaurants?
No. Our examples always use restaurants because the majority of our clients are in that industry. But we have many spas, theaters, and shops as well.