Huff Post, "discount programs like Leloca have already capitalized on the reverse -- giving diners a discount during off-peak times to bring them in the door and fill tables"
"Leloca app shows real-time deals on local NYC food, fashion & more."
The Daily, "There are a few things that make restaurant-finder app Leloca stand out"
"Leloca connects hungry foodies with high-profile restaurants near their current location that are offering big dining discounts, right when they're ready to eat..."
Jesetera, "Leloca is one of the top 6 travel apps to navigate NYC"
"The mobile app Leloca [is] used by restaurants including Mas (La Grillade) and Centro Vinoteca to let restaurateurs send on-the-spot deals..."
The New York Times, "When It Comes to Reservations, Time is Money"
"I have seen the post-Groupon SoLoMo retail solution. It’s called Leloca."
Manhattan Marketing Maven, "The Next SoLoMo Killer App"
"[Leloca] lets users find nearby restaurants offering deals to fill empty tables."
Crains New York, "Building a Better Deal Site"
"Leloca has a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables customers in New York City to get discounts at participating restaurants throughout the city. Merchants use Leloca to fill tables that would have otherwise gone empty."
Read Write Web, "How Airline-Style Yield Management Could Save Daily Deal Sites"
"Leloca, a free smartphone app, uses the Internet to connect consumers with nearby businesses that are offering real-time, geo-targeted deals when they have open space to fill."
Arizona Business Gazette, "Beyond Groupon: New deals sites take hold"