Merchant Quick-start Guide
Using Leloca is easy. Here's how it works.

1) Login at and specify your deal: Choose % discount or fixed amount.

2) Decide who gets to see your deal.

You may already be well-known on your block, so Leloca can (optionally) geotarget your offer exclusively to people outside of your neighborhood.  This is an unprecedented way to focus your offer on primarily first-time customers.  Of course, showing your offer to everyone is still the fastest way to fill that empty seat right now.  You can show your offer to everyone or set it at a specified distance away from your shop.

3) Choose when it is seen.  You can manually toggle it on/off instantly or have it turn on/off at a preset time.

Instant ON/OFF - Do you expect a crowd later today, but have open seats now?  In real time, turn on an offer to fill those empty seats now.  New customers have 45 minutes to arrive.  With Leloca's instant on/off, you can instantly turn your offer off when things get busier.

Auto Timer Hours - If your non-busy times are weekdays from 2:00 to 5:00pm, you can set up a timer that automatically runs the offer only during your preset hours.  Note you can override, or change, the timer hours at any time.

4) Preparing for customers. Customer check-in takes seconds with your printed Merchant QR code.

Check-in is essential for good statistics. After deals are checked in, we report the number of additional customers Leloca delivered. And, check-in also provides verification that the customer's Deal Code is valid, not expired, and has not been used.

The easiest way to check in Deal Codes is to have the customer scan your Merchant QR code.

If you have not yet received the Welcome Kit with your printed Merchant QR code, just login to your account at Click on the link called "Merchant QR" shown below, print that page, and keep it at your register or with your servers.

When a customer arrives and shows the Deal Code, they only need to click "Check in & Scan" and then point their phone's camera at your Merchant QR code. (See below.) Leloca will instantly verify the validity of the Deal Code and enter the party size into your statistics.

5) Other options for checking in Deal Codes if you don't have your Merchant QR code.

You can check in Deal Codes by logging into and entering the Deal Code (in the above example, that is 2116KN7D).

6) Optional Stuff

Profile and Notifications: Within Account Settings, you can edit your business's name, short/long descriptions, category, change your password, or even manage notifications for when deals are issued and/or redeemed.

Adding or Editing a location: Leloca can easily handle multiple locations. Your deal can be shown for one, some, or all of them. Within account settings, you can quickly add a new location or simply edit a current location's address, phone, website, photo, or business hours.

If you have any questions on setting up additional locations or accounts, please email us.